Make + Use Herbal Massage Stems


Marry your love of herbs with massage in this easy-to-follow DIY course on Herbal Stem Massage.

This traditional remedy is both a hot herbal compress and a massage tool, which makes giving a great massage easy for anyone regardless of their experience.

This FREE course includes:

  1. A complete list of the materials needed for making the herbal stems.

  2. An instructional video on how to make the stems.

  3. Three herbal blends for making your stems.

  4. Links to herb suppliers.

  5. A guide to help you set up your massage space.

  6. An instructional video for how to heat + use the stems.

  7. Links to additional resources.

Now let’s get started!

List of Materials

You will need the following materials to make one pair of herbal stems:

  • Lightweight cotton muslin fabric (2 x 18” squares).

  • A relaxing herbal blend (4 cups).

  • Twine, string or fabric strips for wrapping (3-4 feet).

  • Scissors.

  • Measuring cup.

  • Mixing bowl.

Watch the video below for set-by-step instructions on how to make your first pair of herbal stems:



Herbal Blends

Here are three relaxing and aromatic combinations that you can use to fill your herbal stems:

Blend One

1. Ginger (3/4 cup)
2. Lemongrass (3/4 cup)
3. Eucalyptus (1/2 cup)

Blend Two

1. Chamomile (1 cup)
2. Lavender (3/4 cup)
3. Spearmint (1/4 cup)

Blend Three

1. Willow Bark (3/4 cup)
2. Hops (3/4 cup)
3. Sage (1/4 cup)

Other herbs you can consider including are:

Evergreen - Juniper, Cedar, Pine.

Floral - Rose, Calendula, Meadowsweet.

Nervine - Passionflower, Linden, Lemon Balm.

Aromatic - Wintergreen, Fennel, Rosemary.

Setting up the massage area

You will need the following supplies:

  • A yoga mat or exercise mat.

  • A comforter or blanket folded length-wise.

  • 2 standard size pillows.

  • A vegetable steamer.

  • A bowl to hold the massage stems.

  • 1 pair of massage stems.

Supplies + Equipment For Your Herbal Stem Massage

Supplies + Equipment For Your Herbal Stem Massage

3 Positions for Massage

Choose an open area with ample floor space which is carpeted. Lay down a yoga mat or exercise mat, then layer a folded comforter or blanket on top. You can arrange your two pillows in three possible positions:

Position One
Face Down

This position is ideal for working on the entire back of the body.

Position Two
Side Lying

This position can be used to massage the neck, shoulder, back, hip and legs. It is the best position for pregnancy.

Position Three
Face Up

This position is good for the neck, chest, abdomen, legs and feet. It can be an alternate position for pregnancy.

Watch the demo below for arranging your pillows for the three different positions:


Massage Techniques + Live Demo

Now it’s time to learn how to massage with the herbal stems! Watch the video below for instructions on how to heat the stems, techniques for performing a massage with the stems, and a live demonstration with additional pointers.

Watch here:

Music track: Gentle Awakening, 2015, by Manose.

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