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Vancouver-based, certified organic 100% natural hair care.

Vancouver-based, certified organic 100% natural hair care.

Every Spring season I revitalize myself with herbs and natural therapies which enhance detoxification and help me slough off the winter doldrums. During this time I take one new step towards cleaning up or ‘greening’ my lifestyle. This year I re-vamped my hair care routine and switched to non-toxic hair care products.

In the last few years the health of my hair has been declining and I have been suffering from age-related hair loss. During that time I grew my hair out long and have been picking up shed hair all over my home on a daily basis. I knew I needed to up my hair game, so I started doing research.

My initial inspiration came from a visit to Objibik Hair Therapy Spa. They took highly magnified snapshots of my scalp before and after their treatment, which involved having my scalp deeply exfoliated and stimulated with massage. The photos revealed I had a thick layer of build-up on my scalp which was apparently suffocating and weakening my hair. The treatment they gave me completely eliminated the build-up, and my scalp felt utterly liberated and refreshed afterwards. The owner generously sat with me at the end and gave me some important hair care tips which I have since followed.

Based on his advice I have taken several steps to regenerate my hair and scalp, they have included: 

  • Using clarifying shampoo with ACV.

  • Applying conditioner to the hair shaft only.

  • Air drying my hair.

  • Rinsing my hair in cool water.

  • Nightly hair brushing.

  • Intermittent Fasting.

But the step that sealed the deal was switching to Carina Organics Shampoo and Conditioner. After a single wash my hair came out looking shiny and frizz-free. For me this is like finding the Holy Grail for hair. I have tried several natural hair care products over the years and was never happy with the results. 

After a Single Use of Carina Organics Hair Care

After a Single Use of Carina Organics Hair Care

Carina Organics is a Canadian company based in North Vancouver, BC. There soap products use the gentle cleaning action of saponified coconut oil, the acidifying action of apple cider vinegar, along with the conditioning action of botanical extracts and oils. There is not a single chemical ingredient in their products. I have been happily using their facial cleanser for a year, so I took the plunge into their hair care products and now I am a believer!



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