Detox Two

Detox Two



Boost your body’s natural detoxification and elimination pathways with a fully customized 30-day herbal medicine program. Work directly with Clinical Herbalist Janna Shapero to make your health goals a reality. This program includes:

1. Personal interview + assessment process.
2. Custom formulated herbal tincture + tea.
3. Weekly online education.
4. Custom lifestyle suggestions.
5. Follow up consultation.

This comprehensive, one-on-one program, will support you in taking lasting steps towards cleaning up your lifestyle, diet and household.

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  1. Interview + Follow-Up Consultation
    A live interview and follow-up with Clinical Herbalist Janna Shapero, to assess your health status and lifestyle.

  2. Environmental Exposure Profile
    An online survey to determine your daily pattern of environmental exposures, their associated health risks, and practical steps to reduce them.

  3. 2 Personalized Detox Formulas
    A one month supply of a custom formulated herbal tincture and organic herbal tea to aid detoxification and elimination.

  4. Educational Resources
    Weekly emails giving you the straight goods on natural detoxification and why its important, along with practical tips and recipes.

  5. Goal Setting
    Define and set goals for your 30 day detoxification program and beyond, cleaning up your day to day lifestyle in small achievable steps.


Someone who is looking for one-on-one support to kick start changes in their health and daily habits, starting with a 30 day lifestyle clean up and internal detox, which can then progress into further work on personal health concerns.


One-size fits all supplements don’t take into account your specific needs. Urban Healer’s Personal Spring Detox program considers your current health status, medications, allergies, environmental exposures and dietary needs.

Lasting Impact
Taking detox products for a few weeks cannot substantially effect your health. Doing it every year while making long-term lifestyles changes can. Our program is geared towards setting and achieving goals that matter to you.

There is a lot of contradictory and confusing information in the media regarding health. Our weekly education emails provide unbiased, factually-based information about detoxification and how the environment influences our health.

Peace of Mind
There is disturbing news everyday about the environment. Taking positive steps to clean up your lifestyle each year, will make your efforts to be healthy while living in a toxic world more meaningful. Your actions impact your health, the health of your family and the web of life.

Program Dates

Sign up for your Personal Spring Detox Comprehensive anytime between May 1st - July 31st 2019.

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