Total Wellness Reset

Total Wellness Reset


Dedicate a full 90 day cycle to making meaningful change in your life. Work one-on-one with Urban Healer, Janna Shapero, to address the three pillars of good health – Rest, Nourishment and Exercise.

The goal will be to reduce stress and increase nutrition, through a combination of massage, yoga and herbal therapy focused on improving digestion and detoxification.

This package includes weekly home visits and is available to residents of Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area only.

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Clinical Herbal Medicine Consultation
In person interview to assess your current state of digestive health and nutrition; function of detoxification and elimination channels, stress management and sleep quality.

Customized Treatment Protocol
A 90 day customized herbal medicine strategy that targets improved digestion and stress reduction, including healthy eating goals and self-care practices. Weekly email follow-ups are included to track your progress.

In-Home Massage
A 60min massage of your choice, provided in the comfort of your own home every two weeks for three months (6 treatments in total).

In-Home Yoga + Meditation
A 60min session of therapeutic yoga, breathwork and meditative practices, provided in your home every two weeks for three months (6 sessions in total).

Wellness Gift Set
A gift to self - enjoy Urban Healer’s handcrafted relaxation products, which include a lavender flax therapy pillow and herbal muscle rub.


If background stress has been impacting your digestion, sleep quality or tension levels and you are ready to make a change in your life, then Total Wellness Reset is for you. It is an ideal program for someone who wants to de-stress and establish new healthy habits with the structured support and guidance of a qualified health professional.


Less Stress
An opportunity to make relaxation and mindfulness a regular part of your weekly routine.

More Self-Care
Get into the habit of taking better care of yourself with the consistent support and structure of personalized wellness program.

Re-focus your life on feeding body, mind and soul with good food, massage, yoga, and plant medicines.

Three months is the equivalent of a season. It is the perfect amount of time to make changes that last.


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