Guide to Using Your Herbs



What is a Tincture?

A tincture is a concentrated herbal extract made from herbs in a base of alcohol and water which is rapidly absorbed by the body. Your custom blended tincture will come with specific instructions for use but it helps to have a little more background information.

Finding the Right Dose

A standard herbal tincture contains 1 gram of herb per 5ml of tincture. A standard adult dosage for a tincture is 10-20ml per day in divided doses. Everyone responds differently to herbs, some people requiring more or less of their tincture. It is advisable to listen to your body and adjust the dosage of your tincture accordingly, so long as you stay at or below the maximum daily dosage.

Options for Use

In general, tinctures are most effective when taken directly without dilution on an empty stomach. For herbal formulas that target digestion or require food for better absorption, it is best to take with meals. This will be noted on your bottle.

If you are generally sensitive to medications or supplements, start with a single dose of 5ml for 2-3 days, adding a second and third dose progressively. It may take a little longer for you to feel the effects of your Detox Formula but it will allow you to find a dose that is most suitable for you.

Some people are uncomfortable with taking their herbs in an alcohol base. Rest assured the amount of alcohol is very small but if you want to reduce the amount of alcohol you consume or eliminate the taste of alcohol you can stir your tincture into hot water for a minute to evaporate it before ingestion.



How to Brew

The difference between a standard herbal tea and a therapeutic one is in the dosage. An average tea bag contains 1 teaspoon’s worth of tea leaves and is typically steeped for 1-2 minutes. A therapeutic herbal tea contains 2 teaspoons of herb for every 250ml water (1 cup), steeped or simmered for 15-30min.

Strong herbal decoctions or infusions may take as long as 1-8 hours to brew. Your custom blended herbal tea will come with a unique set of instructions depending on the outcome of your assessment.

Therapeutic herbal teas are particularly useful for heartburn and indigestion, flushing the kidneys and urinary tract, stimulating the lymphatic system, providing mineral nutrition, or providing anti-inflammatory properties to the GI tract. Your detox tea will have one or more of these properties.

Batch Brewing

For convenience you can batch brew your tea and store in the refrigerator for up to 3-4 days. Follow the daily herb to water ratio, increasing by the number of days you want to store it. You can consume your tea cold out of the refrigerator on warm days, otherwise drink it at room temperature or re-heat as desired.


Teaware Suggestions

My favourite tea press for loose leaf tea on the go is David’s portable tea press. For brewing at home you can use a french press or a large jar with an infuser or fine-mesh strainer.

What to Expect

Within the first week of using your Detox herbs you may feel your body going through an adjustment, especially if you have recently been under stress, eating or sleeping poorly, or your health has been in some way been compromised. If you are in generally in good health you will not likely notice anything in the first week.

Transient detox reactions in the first week may include: headache, fatigue, general malaise, cold-like symptoms, digestive changes or increased elimination of stool. If you have any concerns during this period, reduce your dosage and get in touch.

The average person will begin to feel a sense of improved well-being within the second and third week of a detox protocol.

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