Yoga In-Home

The beauty of learning yoga at home is having a practice that's tailored just for you. Avoid the stress of crowded studio classes and enjoy the full attention of an experienced instructor.

You get to choose what elements of yoga you want to focus on – mobility, posture, core stability, deep breathing, mindfulness or relaxation.

Practice at your own pace while building strength, stability & mobility.

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Solo or Small Group

  • Solo

Schedule a private yoga class just for yourself!

  • Small Group

Plan a small group class - include family members, friends or colleagues.

How Often

  • A Single Session
    Ideal for a special event or private retreat.
  • A Short Series (4-8 classes)
    Ideal for achieving a personal goal, addressing a physical issue, setting up your own home practice, improving your current studio practice.

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Urban Healer comes to you – at your home, cottage, office or special event.


A Single Session - $90.00

A Short Series (4-8 Classes) - $85.00 per class

A Small Group Class (2-6 Participants) - $120.00

A Large Group Class (7-12 Participants) - $150.00

Your Instructor

Janna Shapero, H.H.P.

Janna Shapero, H.H.P.

Janna has been practicing yoga for 30 years and teaching private and group classes for 10 years. She incorporates her experience with massage and knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine to tailor classes that match your constitution and address physical issues you are concerned with. Read more…